In an age of relentlessly endlessly repeated duplicatable imagery,
it’s nice to look at something handcrafted;
the production of a unique, one of a kind object;  
limited in production and digitally unreproducible;
something crafted in the physical as well as the digital.

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Of course, ​​​​​​​​​​you are here, observing the work on a 2-D screen,
which makes it tough to portray a 3-D photosculpture.

​So what you see here, for the most part, are my rough drafts, my digital photoshopped blueprints for the actual mounted prints; or else photos of my completed photos.

Mark Lowrie Photosculpture
     ​​​I have been a photographer and award-winning editor for over thirty years, experimenting with montage techniques and exploring the lands I love, notably the American Southwest. My photomontage work consists of single images stacked together to create a larger whole. By building up the individual photos on layers of foam core, I create a composite image that has as much to do with sculpture as with photography. They are snapshots with aspects of time, motion and depth to them.
These techniques of shooting, cutting and mounting are used to achieve the following: To vary depth of focus and exposure within the scene; to force elements to the foreground that would otherwise remain background incidentals; to juxtapose different moments of time in the same space; to manipulate spatial and temporal perspectives; and to create a fractal image area that can contain more than 100% of the original image in space and time.
I think these techniques create a decidedly more interesting object than a flat rectangle in a frame. The hand-crafted three dimensional aspect allows each photosculpture to be unique; not easily subject to endless reproduction. Composition becomes as much a function of postproduction as the original shoot. Mainly, though, it’s just more fun to hang one of these on a wall than another flat 8x10 colored glossy print.
2018 Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, CA. 14th Annual Art Auction.
2018 TAG Gallery, LA Open.
2017 Center for the Arts. Eagle Rock, CA. 13th Annual Art Auction.
2016 M St. Gallery. Sherman Oaks, CA.
2016 Newport Beach Art Exhibition, Newport Beach, CA.
2016 Sangre De Cristo Art Center. Pueblo, Colorado. Juried Show,          "America's Parks, A Centennial Celebration”.
2016 Hale ArtSpace. Santa Monica, CA. Group Show.
2014 M St. Gallery. Sherman Oaks, CA. Solo Show.
2014 McGroarty Art Center Art Fair. Sunland, CA. Group Show.
2014 Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, CA. 12th Annual Art Auction.
2014 Outdoor Photography Magazine. American Landscape Finalist.
2013 Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock. 11th Annual Art Auction.
2013 McGroarty Art Center, Sunland, CA. Group Show.
2012 M St. Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA. Solo Show.
2011-12 Desert Dove Gallery. St. George, UT. Solo Show.
2011 Gallery Godo. Burbank, CA. Group Show.
2010 Main St Art Gallery. St George, UT.
2010-11 Los Angeles City Hall Showcase, Room 425, 18 month    exhibit via the McGroarty Art Center.
2005 Chop Chop, Hollywood, CA. Solo Show.
2001 0/1 Gallery @ Skulls Punk Show; Skulls Album Cover, Hollywood, CA.
1995-96 LAAA, (now Gallery 825) Group Showings.

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